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  • Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber and Composites Prepregs! (Newport)
  • Airtech Process Materials Available!
  • BGF Hybrid Fabrics Available! (Dry fabrics)
Bagging Films, Release Films, Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Release Liquids, Release Fabrics/Peel Plies, Breathers and Bleeders, Vacuum Bag Sealant Tapes, Vac Valves and Hoses, Rubber, Tooling Materials, Resin Infusion
Woven Prepreg, Unidirectional Prepreg, TowPreg
Resins, Hardeners, Fillers, Tooling Materials, Release Agents, Adtech and TCC Tool Chemical Products.
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Fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar, and Hybrid Fabrics.